Most clients claim that online marketing is a tough world to navigate. In fact, they rely on local SEO agencies in Charleston SC to provide them with clarity and guidance that will help them make the best decisions for their businesses. The speed of technological growth and adoption is one of the main challenges affecting most of the businesses in the online world. Here are five challenges and some suggestions on how to handle them.

1. Unintentional Duplicate Content


There is no place where the issue of unintentional duplicate content is more prevalent than on eCommerce websites containing a lot of products and categories. One common issue is when large eCommerce websites enable users to sort category pages by bestselling, price or other features. However, most of the large website content duplicate issues can be corrected by correct use of canonical tags and a well thought of URL structure.

2. Product Page Duplicate Content

In case you are selling products being sold by other sites, you will most definitely face a content dilemma. Producing original content for hundreds or thousands of products is a huge task. Content is considered to be the most important page factor and in any case, you are running the same content all your competitors will be running on product pages.

3. Crawlability

Another common issue you might face, especially when you have thousands of pages is organizing the content in a way that both the search engines and human users will be able to access everything that is important to them. It is important to have a good site navigation bar, though an XML sitemap will help ensure that you are able to give Google easy access to your account.

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