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Business needs change rapidly, including your telephony requirements. For new businesses, a long term mobile phone contract can be expensive. The immediate question (apart from how much money you have to spend on business mobile phones) is while it may be adequate for your needs right now, what about six months down the line? Are your phones future proofed and does it give you everything you need?

Short term contracts the alternative to buying

Communication is the key to running a successful business, so only the best will do. Your workforce needs to be contactable and Intercity can provide you with a rental solution based on your requirements.

If you are not sure which solution would be best for you and your business, a short term trial of a mobile solution might be better, meaning you can try the service before you buy.

You may also need a short term mobile broadband or telephony due to an upcoming event. This can include mobile communication for temporary staff hired for an event or connectivity required whilst on site. With a short term contract you can minimise the downtime in communication and be scaleable depending on the current circumstances.

Rental of a mobile broadband device can add real value to event planners as venue WiFi costs can sometimes be an expensive add-on. By considering mobile broadband on a short term contract can significantly reduce costs without reducing the quality of service.

Short-term rental gives you a much wider range of options that can be changed and adapted as your business grows. For a fixed monthly fee, your phone rental package could include:


Multiple products mobile phones, USB dongles, MiFi and more

New telephone system installation in your business means no mobile phones for a short time

Comprehensive tariffs

Immediate availability on all equipment

Same day collection or delivery next day

Budgeting for growth

The main objective to business mobile phone rental as opposed to buying is to ensure that you cut costs, not quality. Short-term rental gives you all the benefits of contract without the long-term costs or commitment. With a good provider you can regularly update your hardware, ensuring that your communications are right up to date with the rest of the business community.

With such a flexible business environment dictating how we communicate, it pays to have flexible communications. By renting, you re maintaining that flexibility, allowing your business mobiles to grow and adapt with your needs and still keeping the costs down. Future proof your business by considering mobile hire rather than buying.


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*Intercity has been at the forefront of mobile telephony since its launch in 1985 and continues to be at the cutting edge of this technology, with an ambition to provide innovative solutions offering joined up, unified communications for businesses. As a dynamic forward thinking company we have diversified in order to strengthen and compliment our existing portfolio of products and services.

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