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Without a camp fire, the camping experience will not be complete. You should not worry as building a campfire is not rocket science, and anybody can do it with the right knowledge of how to build a campfire. For you to enjoy a lasting fire there are certain things you should put into consideration before you begin. The most important aspect of all is space; you must have the adequate space enough for your fire to light up without the fear of burning up trees, bushes and even your sleeping tents all in the in the name of lighting a campfire.

Below is a summary of the steps on how to build a campfire

1. Campfire spot


First and foremost, look for a spot convenient for you, make sure that the campfire you are about to start is in an open area, you do not want to sleep out in the cold because your tents caught fire accidentally. Furthermore, the spot you pick for building your campfire, should have access of plenty of oxygen otherwise you will end up smothering your fire, and as a result you end up feeling cold and hence having a bad camping experience.

2. A fire ring

A fire ring ensures that your fire stays within a parameter. Once you have established the parameters within which you want your fire to be in, it is essential to make a campfire pit. This pit has numerous advantages, it holds in the ashes, plus preventing the campfire spreading dangerously on the ground. Because fire has a mind of its own, a campfire pit will limit it from getting out of hand. If you do not have a metal fire ring, for making a pit, rocks can come in handy and will serve the same purpose.

3. Build your fire

The final and most important step is that of lighting up the fire. Gather up some twigs, dry leaves or even an old newspaper which will catch fire easily and a pack of good water proof matches , once you have a tender and a fire flickering, start placing your firewood to the flickering fire carefully not to pile up too much and killing the fire. As the fire grows, you can add some more firewood which helps in making your fire sustain itself, however, you should be careful to leave some space with which air will pass through the piled firewood. Piling up too much firewood is a sure way of killing your campfire because fire needs air to survive.

From the steps above, you have seen that for you to build a campfire, you do not need a magic portion for you to get it right. You can now enjoy building a campfire next time you are out camping. Caution should be taken though not to leave campfires unattended, as it may lead to forest fires, hence jeopardizing your safety and that of other campers around. Make sure that you have put out the fire completely when you go to sleep in your tent and ensuring that you have not left any flammable materials lying around.

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