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Negative people often find themselves wishing that they could change and become optimistic, positive and happier. They would like to stop seeing everything that might go wrong and instead be able to see what could turn out to be great and fantastic. Lets fact it; it’s a nightmare when all you think about is what could be a problem, barrier or failure. The emotional impact is totally exhausting and equally demotivating.

So how do you snap yourself out of negativity? Negative people wish for the ability to change or dream of being positive but do not really believe that this is possible. Deep down, they feel that being negative is an intrinsic part of their existence and too deeply ingrained to be able to change. It is this belief that stops them from making the changes that would transform and enlighten their enjoyment of life.

We often hear of “impossible” feats being informed. In sport there is a frequently quoted demonstration of this relating to Roger Bannister running the four-minute mile. Before Bannister achieved this feat it was thought that the human body simply couldn’t move that fast; that the body would somehow spontaneously combust if pushed too far. Yet once Bannister achieved this record, dozens of other people followed suit.


The difference of course was that they had instantaneously changed their inner beliefs; that which they previously believed was impossible now became doable to them. And they suddenly and miraculously also ran a four-minute mile.

There are many such demonstrations of impossible feats being achieved, either because a person wanted to achieve their goal to such a degree that they pushed past internal barriers, or because something suddenly made them believe they could do it. Negativity can be changed to positivity in a similar blink of an eye. All that is required it a shift of mental focus.

When a person wishes to change something that is deeply rooted in their psyche hypnosis is a very helpful tool to use. Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that allows the user to access the inner workings of their subconscious mind.

This inner part of the mind is the part that thinks and acts automatically and instinctively. Thus if negativity has become an instinctive reaction for you, hypnosis allows you to get into the place that powers this reaction. Your subconscious is the true powerhouse of the vast majority your actions and reactions to circumstances in life.

With hypnosis you can identify patterns of thought, reaction and behavior that are instinctively negative and to interrupt this cycle. Not only can you interrupt and put a barrier in the way of negativity, you can make post-hypnotic suggestions to lead the direction of thought and reaction to one of positivity, optimism, enjoyment, empowerment and success.

What are post-hypnotic suggestions? These are ones that are made to you whilst in hypnosis but their effect continues after you leave the state of hypnosis. Thus they have an ongoing effect. They also act automatically and instinctively as they are embedded, through hypnosis, into your subconscious mind.

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