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Adila MasihQuestion: 1Which protocols are supported by the THREAT EMULATION blade?A. CIFS, FTP, and optional HTTP and SMTP supportB. HTTP(S), SMTP/TLS onlyC. HTTP and SMTP only, there is no SSL/TLS security supportD. HTTP(S), SMTP/TLS with optional CIFSAnswer: D Question: 2Which SmartConsole can you use to view Threat Emulation forensics reports?A. SmartView MonitorB. SmartView ReporterC. SmartLogD. SmartDashboardAnswer: C Question: 3How does Threat Extraction work?A. Scan and extract files for Command and Control activity.B. It emulates a document and, if malicious, converts it into a PDF.C. It extracts active content from a document.D. It scans the document for malicious code and removes it.Answer: C Question: 4What kind of approach or approaches will Check Point SandBlast apply to prevent malicious EXE-files?A. Machine learning algorithmB. SignatureB. ExploitC. Whitelist and ExploitAnswer: C Question: 5You have installed the SandBlast Agent with forensics. An attack has occurred, which triggered the Forensics Blade to collect information. You clicked to open the forensics report but for some reason it is not showing the report as it should. What could be the issue?A. The attack was based on a macro and the Forensics Blade only supports executables.B. There is a Microsoft update missing which causes the report not to show as it should.C. There was no real attack and this is a false positive.D. Threat Emulation is disabled.Answer: B What DirectCertify offers for 156-730 Exam ?DirectCertify offers downloadable 156-730 questions with answers in PDF file which is instantly available for download after pruchase with 90 days free updates and money back guarantee. You may read our guarantee page with all terms written on it for refund process. DirectCertify 156-730 product price is 39 USD each.156-730 Exam Detailed InformationSo what is the 156-730 exam? It is actually a CheckPoint certified network associate certification that is to be provided by CheckPoint for all the professionals that can actually have the integrity to advance their own professional career. Under most of the information technological branches, and the vendor certification, you find that most of the people tend to go for multiple 156-730 examinations that IT professionals and the students can actually appear. Such kind of an examination has a particular syllabus, and most of the people depend upon the IT vendor, product or the service in order to get certified. If you manage to become CheckPoint certified, you are definitely going to gain a very good and competitive job, and in todays competition world, you will be able to understand upon the basics on a particular vendor, and find yourself the associate product of this particular essence.You find that there are many 156-730 examinations for just a single ID CheckPoint certification. Most of the CheckPoint company examinations does actually have a wide range of 156-730 certification that is entirely different, and has a very different perspective, based upon the products and services pertaining to the 156-730. A particular CheckPoint certified network can actually help you to gain and validate the skills that you have actually got, and you would be able to undertake the necessity of the certification in that example.

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Total Questions: 40Test Number: 156-730Vendor Name: CHECKPOINTCert Name: CASATest Name: Check Point Accredited Sandblast AdministratorOfficial Site:http://www.directcertify.co.ukFor More Details: http://www.directcertify.co.uk/156-730.html

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