By Amy Nutt

As most people know, dogs are not only loving pets and companions. Many dogs also serve important functions in the community as well. Dogs help the police and military search for bombs, drugs and people. Dogs help blind people make their way through the world. Dogs work on farms and pastures and serve their masters as tough and militant guards and even soldiers. This article will discuss which breeds thrive in different tasks and why.

The organization Guide Dogs of America relies on three pure breeds to use as guide dogs for the blind. The majority of the guide dogs are Labrador Retrievers, followed by Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. These breeds are chosen based on three behavioral characteristics: willingness, health and temperament. These dogs possess the intelligence and patience to assist their owners in the best way possible. They are robust, fit and well-suited to the task. They are also loyal and love people, which helps them stay focused in crowded situations. All three of these breeds also exhibit a variety of sizes, making them easier to pair with different owners.

The top three guard dog breeds are the Bullmastiff, Doberman and the Rottweiler. Bullmastiffs, which are 40% Bulldog and 60% Mastiff are loyal, courageous and very strong. These dogs have an inherent protective instinct and will bite or wrestle intruders to the ground. Dobermans are exceptionally intelligent dogs that vary in temperament, but generally they will not hesitate to attack if they feel their family is in danger. Rottweilers are also intelligent dogs, considered ninth most intelligent breed in the world. Rottweilers are calm and loving with their families, but also fiercely protective. They are very strong, have great stamina and are resistant to pain.


Depending on the task, many different breeds are used for police work. However, the most common police dog is the German Shepherd. The key attributes for an effective police dog are intelligence, strength, aggression and sense of smell. Most police German Shepherds are males, left unneutered to maintain their natural aggression and strength. German shepherds also possess a highly acute sense of smell and are very intelligent and trainable, making them excellent bomb and drug sniffing dogs as well as search and rescue dogs.

There are over a dozen common and well-qualified herding breeds, but the most well-known and best regarded of those breeds is the Border Collie. Border Collies are widely considered to be the smartest dogs in the world and because of this, dog obedience training of the breed is easy. With their high intelligence, the Border Collies demand difficult tasks. They are also highly agile and fast dogs, and their natural herding instinct makes them perfect farm dogs. Border Collies are also renowned for their performance in athletic competitions, and their powerful sense of smell makes them excellent search and rescue dogs.

As you can see, dogs are not just the loving, happy pets we often consider them to be. The breeds mentioned above are only a few of many types of dogs humans have bred throughout history to serve them. Though any of the breeds will make excellent pets, remember the purpose they were created to serve. Knowing what your dogs’ inherent instincts and abilities are will make you a better, more informed dog owner.

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