Role of a plastic surgeon



Plastic surgeons nj are basically doctors who dedicate themselves to restructuring and remodeling different parts of your body. You can undergo these procedures either to enhance the appearance of your body or to fix some medical problems. Plastic surgeons nj carry out various procedures on patients of almost any age. There are a lot of plastic surgeons who specialize in particular body parts like craniofacial, pediatrics, burns and hands.

False beliefs

Generally people have a predetermined belief that plastic surgery is only done by those who are very much conscious about their physical appearance. And people undergo this either to make themselves look flawless or to stay away from aging, but this is wrong. Plastic surgeons new jersey not only do cosmetic procedures like face lifts and breast implants, but they can also perform surgical procedures to rectify the medical faults and problems.



Sometimes after a serious accident, you may need to undergo life saving procedures given by the surgeons in a hospital, but after the surgery you may have permanent scarring and defects. The plastic surgeon new jersey can then carry out procedures that will mend the appearance of your skin and bring back its function. Tumor removal, skin grafts, cleft palate surgery and scar repair are names of some other reconstructive procedures.

Anti aging

There are a lot of cosmetic procedures that are used to reduce the effects of ageing on your skin. These surgical procedures are carried out on your face to lessen the fine lines and wrinkles and to tighten the skin of your neck and face. This involves surgeries like brow lifts, face lifts, collagen injections and cheek lifts. Laser procedures are also used to diminish the emergence of age spots and wrinkles and also to resurface your skin.


Plastic surgery is carried out to augment a part of your body. Breast augmentation is one of the most familiar cosmetic procedures which is carried out by the plastic surgeons nj. This surgery involves enlargement of breasts and shaping them by inserting some kind of implant. Apart from this there are other procedures also that augment the look of your body, such as- rhinoplasty, tummy tucks ad buttock augmentation. Plastic surgeons new jersey also perform surgeries that trim down the fat in your body, such as liposuction.


There are lots of plastic surgeons new jersey who specialize in pediatrics. They usually fix the problems that are best corrected and treated in your childhood. There are several medical conditions that are either due to some illness or birth defects. Some general procedures of pediatric plastic surgery are- congenital hand deformities, cleft palate and facial defects. Removal of large moles or birth marks can also be done by the plastic surgeons.

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