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In terms of physical fitness, who wants to go it alone or wing it? Of course, you probably already understand what you are should be doing, but the difference between knowing and doing is often an ongoing battle for folks new to a healthy lifestyle. Luckily for us, technology is styaing up to date! For iPod Touch and iPhone owners, there is are plenty of apps to reinvigorate a ho-hum workout routine. In fact, you won’t even need to sweat about finding the best apps for your workout because we’ve already made a list of the top fitness apps in the App Store. All that’s left for you to do is download and press play on your new fitness regime.

BeatBurn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer

Interval workouts are all the rage, and for good reason. They are an effective format of exercise to achieve fat loss, muscle gain, and cardiovascular fitness. This unique app makes interval work fun and interesting. BeatBurn uses the cadence of music to initiate changes in pace. There’s even an on-screen coach for direction and is a display of the interval, speed, calories burned, and incline if applicable.



You can bring a top Pilates trainer with you wherever you go. This application features instructor Kristin McGee and gives you access to over 60 Pilates images in a progression of levels, from beginning to advanced. This inspirational app allows you to target specific areas with simple yet challenging exercises, and also lets you log and track your progress.

iPump & Fitness Builder

Here is an exercise database that will keep your heart pumping and muscles burning. This app features a large selection of fitness building exercise videos which can be searched using various criteria. You can search workout by location (where the exercise will be performed such as home or gym), by a targeted goal (abs, cardio, legs), or by keyword. And it allows you to edit workouts, or create your own.

Run Mate

This personal trainer is designed for beginning runners who are looking for a training schedule to prepare them for their first 5K, and also for more seasoned runners who would prefer to design their own format of speed work, tempo runs, and hill training. This application sets you on the right course and helps you create the right training plan for you. With your entire workout plan established, it is much easier to stay the course.

MotionTraxx Radio

To push you to the next level and to add variety, this app allows you to stream various workouts to your Smartphone. Choose from interval work, steady exercise, running, walking, even boot camps. This is all set to dance music and you can choose the appropriate tempo.

When technology converges with personal health, the resulting apps make it difficult to put forward a convincing excuse to wiggle out of your fitness routine. There are just too many fun and creative ways to stick to your health goals! Let these apps take the pain out of working out and prove the old adage wrong. Make “no pain, more gain” your new mantra.

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